Act 35 Crescent Arts, Scarborough 2011

Act 35 of Anniversary — an act of memory took place at 1.00pm on Saturday 29 October 2011 at Scarborough Library and Information Centre, Vernon Road, Scarborough

Press Release September 2011

Crescent Arts and Scarborough Library invited people from across the Borough of Scarborough to take part and  35  people responded  with memorably individual and vital contributions in Arabic, Bahasa Indonesia, Doric, English, French, Flemish, Hindi and Italian – not forgetting Neill Warhurst on  the harmonica, or Councillor Eric Broadbent’s considered preface to the recitation.

Many thanks to: All the Co-Recitors - please scroll down to see the list of everyone who took part.

And To: Stuart Cameron, Director, Crescent Arts and Karen Atkinson at Scarborough Library for hosting and producing the recitation; to librarian Angela Kale for her meticulous historical display of library documents relating to the development of social and political rights; to the Scarborough Branch of Amnesty UK; to Labour Councillors Eric Broadbent and Colin Challen;  to Neil Warhurst for his technical assistance; to Hester Miller, Liz Tomlin, Peter Slessor and all the members of The Scarborough Branch of UN Association UK, and to Stuart Cameron, Dawn Morley, Sue Timmins and Karen Atkinson for the splendid tea and sandwiches.

image above: Fold out Booklet/Poster of the 30 Articles of the UDHR, commissioned and published by the UN Association UK to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Declaration 10.12.2008. This copy was placed permanently in the foyer of Scarborough Town Hall by the Scarborough Branch of the UNA UK in 2008. photo: Stuart Cameron.

Preamble Monica Ross English
Article 1 Monica Ross
Article 2 Monica Ross English
Article 3 Peter Slessor Doric (not translated on the UNHCR website yet)

pre-recorded video by Stuart Cameron
Article 3 Adele Longstaff English
Article 3 Councillor Colin Challen English
Article 4 Helen Birmingham English
Article 5 Audrey McIlvain English
Article 5 Jade Montserrat English
Article 6 Neill Edward Warhurst English
Article 7 Josephine Beddoe English
Article 8 Monica Ross English
Article 9 Councillor Eric Broadbent English
Article 10 Karen Thompson English
Article 11 Monica Ross English
Article 12 Monica Ross English
Article 13 Marie-Madeleine Eyland-LeGrain French
Article 13 Marie-Madeleine Eyland-LeGrain, Flemish (not translated on the UNHCR website yet)
Article 13 Susan Timmins English
Article 14 Monica Ross English
Article 15 Susan Timmins English
Article 16 Monica RosEnglish
Article 17 Karen Atkinson English
Article 18 Monica Ross English
Article 19 Stuart Cameron Bahasa Indonesia
Article 19 John Oxley English
Article 19 Leslie Stones English
Article 20 Sunil Murlidhar Shastri Hindi
Article 21 Monica Ross English
Article 22 Monica Ross English
Article 23 Dave Barry English
Article 24 Georgette Fox Arabic
Article 25 Hester Miller English
Article 25 Jan Bee Brown English
Article 26 John Munro English
Article 26.3 Carol Eves English
Article 26 Shirley Collier Italian
Article 27 Marian Gordon, Mike Gordon, Heather Stoney English
Article 28 Georgette Fox Arabic
Article 28 Georgette Fox Italian
Article 29 Monica Ross English
Article 30 Monica Ross English

Photos: Before, During and After Act 35. The Flags on the stage were made by Hester Miller for the Scarborough Branch of UNA UK in the summer of 1984. Hester Miller is on the right of the lower photo and Georgette Fox is on the left.
photos: Bernard G Mills