Act 37 Counterpoint,Platforma Festival London

Act 37 took place in Counterpoint,Platforma Festival 2011 at
7 Club Row, Rochelle School, Arnold Circus, London E2 7ES on 01.12.2011

‘As part of the Platforma Festival we are curating a multidisciplinary event of work by and about refugees at Club Row, Rochelle School in London (29 November – 4 December 2011). Admission will be free. The title of the event is “Counterpoint”. Counterpoint is defined as the art of combining two or more dimensions ‐ cultures, settings, homes, narratives, melodies etc ‐ in such a way that they establish a harmonic relationship between them, even if mutually antagonistic or irreconcilable. The intention of Counterpoint is to explore Edward Said’s idea that through their simultaneous awareness of different realities, exiles, refugees and migrants can create a uniquely plural vision of society, questioning the notions of objective reality and suggesting new ways forward.’

Many Thanks to Co-Recitors Pat Boadu-Darko, Wuba Baarez, Ezechias Ngendahayo, Lul Seyoum and Ali Abdolrezaei; to Lois Keidan, Almir Koldzic, Branislava Kuburovic, Caroline Bergvall, Cherry Smyth, Tom Green and all at Platforma who produced and made Counterpoint, the Contra-puntal Conversationsand Platforma Festival 2011 possible.

Thanks also to Claire Aitchison,  SOAS Radio and Refugee Radio for sound recording and podcasts from the recitation and short interviews with the Recitors  More photos by Edurne Aginaga can also be seen on Platforma’s Facebook pages 

Articles 1, 4, 19, Pat Boadu-Darko, Twi, a Ghanaian language – hear Podcast / hear Interview

Article 1 Wuba Baarez, Amharic, Ethiopia

Article 3 Ezechias Ngendahayo, Kinyarwanda Rwanda

Article 3 Lul Seyoum, Amharic, Ethiopia; English; Italian; Spanish; Tegregna,Eritrea - hear Podcast hear Interview

Article 21 Ali Abdolrezaei, Persian - Hear Podcast / Hear Interview

Article 30 Pat Boadu-Darko, Twi, a Ghanaian Language

Act 37

Article 1 Pat Boadu- Darko, Twi, a Ghanaian Language - translation not yet on the UN website

Article 1Wuba Baarez, Amharic Ethiopia

Article 3 Ezechias Ngendahayo, KinyarwandaRwanda

Article 3 Lul Seyoum, English

Article 3 Lul Seyoum,Amharic Ethiopia

Article 3 Lul Seyoum, Italian

Article 3 Lul Seyum, Spanish

Article 3 Lul Seyoum, Tegregna, Eritrea - translation not yet on the UN website

Article 4 Pat Boadu- Darko, Twi

Article 19 Pat Boadu- Darko, Twi

Article 21 Ali Albdolrezaei,Persian

Article 30 Pat Boadu- Darko, Twi

The Iranian poetAli Abdolrezaeiprefaced his recitation of Article 21 with the words:

In the name of humanity whose ideals are everyone’s wish.
I begin by remembering Cyrus the Great
who liberated the Jewish people from slavery in Babylon and was the author of the first extant declaration of human rights 2500 years ago.
And I would like to invoke Sa’di the classical Persian poet of 700 years ago who wrote:
The children of Adam are members of one another.
Made of the same gemstone in creation.
And finally I remember the poet of freedom Shamloo for whom being human is the harshness of duty

The photographic series seen behind the Recitors is Divided to the Ocean,James Russell Cant2009

Photographs on this page: Brigitte Boldy

Counterpoint and Platforma Festival 2011 were produced in co-operation withLive Art Development Agencyand supported by the Arts Council and Baring Foundation