Act 38 We Are all Equal,Site Gallery,Sheffield

Foyer, Sheffield Town Hall, photo: Jane Faram

Act 38 We are all equal took place on 10.12.2011, International Human Rights Day,with Sheffield Socialist Choir and Co-Recitors, in The  Nelson Mandela Room at Sheffield Town Hall.10 December 2011 was also the  63rd Anniversary of the Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) and the 60th Anniversary of the 1951 Refugee Convention.

Act 38 We are all equal was presented by Site Gallery in partnership with Sheffield Socialist Choir

Sheffield’s celebrated Socialist Choir sings to change the world and has always been active in supporting local, national and international campaigns on human rights, justice, equality and the environment and also participated in Write For Rights Amnesty’s Global Action for International Human Rights Day 2011. The Choir performed Under the Stars, a song celebrating  Justice and Freedom. Commissioned by the choir to celebrate their 2oth  Anniversary in 2008, Under the Stars was composed  by Ali Burnsand provides a harmonised backdrop while choir members, Lynda Josse and Teri Connolly, read from the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

For Act 38 Under the Stars was prefaced by a recitation from memory of the UDHR’s Preamble  by Monica Ross and followed by the recitation of individual Articles from memory by citizens of Sheffield, choir members and representatives of Northern Refugee Centre, Yvonne Cass, Tchiyiwe Chihana, Lee Pei May and Abraham Mdlongwa, in English, Ndebele, Bahasa Melayu (Malay) and Tumbuka, a language of Zambia for which there is currently no translation of the UDHR.

Preamble, Monica Ross

Under The Stars, Sheffield Socialist Choir led by Carolyn Leary with Reader Teri Connolly

Article 29, Monica Ross 

A short description of the recitation is on the Northern Refugee Centre Website 
More photos can be seen on Site Gallery’s Facebook page.
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Many Thanks to Sheffield Socialist Choir for their openness to collaboration, their generous welcome at the rehearsal when we first met in September 2011, and for their performance on 10.11. 2011;  to all the Co-Recitors and individual Choir members for taking part; to Laura Sillars, Jane Faram, Judith Harry, Viktor Simao  and all the staff, volunteers and interns at Site Gallery for their enthusiasm, commitment and unstinting energy in realising Act 38 and to Jeannine Griffin for initiating our collaboration; and to Leni Solinger of Sheffield Socialist Choir for steadfastly liaising between us all to ensure that we pulled Act 38 off.

Special thanks to Amy Carter, Head of Arts at Sheffield City Council, and to Sheffield City Council for sponsoring the hire of the Nelson Mandela Room so that Act 38 We Are All Equal could happen on International Human Rights Day in this historic and meaningful place at the heart of Sheffield; to Joanne Kearney and all the security and catering staff at the Town Hall who made us so welcome on the day and in the run up to the event; to Sheffield Councillors Jillian Creasy and Helen Mirfin-Bourkouris; Ed Whitaker and the Sheffield branch of  Amnesty UK for their support and last, but not least, to all who came and joined us, and for the great wine and mince pies afterwards.

Act 38 We are all equal

Preamble Monica Ross English

Under The Stars Sheffield Socialist Choir

Article 1 Lynda Josse English
Article 2 Monica Ross English
Article 3 Andy Dykes English
Article 4 Abraham Mdlongwa English
Article 4 Abraham Mdlongwa Ndebele Zimbabwe
Article 5 Lee Pei May English
Article 5 Lee Pei May Bahasa Melayu (Malay)
Article 6 Lisa Heller English
Article 7 Yvonne Cass English
Article 8 Monica Ross English
Article 9 Hillary Williams English
Article 10 Ruth Hodgkinson English
Article 11 Councillor Jillian Creasy, Green Party English
Article 12 Maureen Storey English
Article 13 Hilary Smith English
Article 14 Anne-Marie Gonzales English
Article 15 Linda Sibanda English
Article 16 Lynda Josse English
Article 17 Leni Solinger English
Article 18 Monica Ross English
Article 19 Tchiyiwe Chihana English
Article 19 Tchiyiwe Chihana Tumbuka -  translation not yet on the UN Website.
Article 20 Teri Connelly English
Article 21 Monica Ross English
Article 22 Angela Galvin English
Article 23 John Salway English
Article 24 Joan Crookes English
Article 25 Carolyn Leary English
Article 26 Elizabeth Birks English
Article 27
Laura Sillars English
Article 28 Tom Heller English
Article 29 Monica Ross English
Article 30 Julie Westerman English

Photographs Bernard G Mills

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