Act 42 MAY DAY…MAY DAY…ustream

MAY DAY … MAY DAY … test streaming … test streaming …
Act 42 a solo recitation 13.00 – 13.52 hours UK time, Tuesday 01 May 2012

Hosted and streamed from Lighthouse, Brighton 

Live broadcast by Ustream

Above are a small selection of screenshots of Act 42 by: Elpida Hadzi-Vasileva, Tom Higham, Michelle Hirschhorn, Branislava Kuburovic, Bernard G Mills, Pat Naldi, Alice Ross, John Smith, Sneha Solanki,  Kate Spence and Cath Tyler,
Act 42 was made possible by the generosity of Lighthouse Brighton and the technical support of Emma Wickham and Bernard G Mills Many thanks to everyone who watched and especially to everyone who took the time to make and send the screenshots.