Act 44 Winning Hearts and Minds, d.13,Kassel

Act 44  pass it on a solo recitation from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights
in Winning Hearts and Minds a project by Critical Art Ensemble for documenta 13  
12.00 Wednesday 20.06.2012, d.13 space 42, Hauptbahnhof, Kassel, Germany

pass it on a poster/folded flyer of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Deutsch/German and Türkçe/Turkish
can be downloaded here and printed as an A1 poster or A3 folded leaflet. Other language versions can be found here

‘Winning Hearts and Minds, one of two projects by Critical Art Ensemble, is a daily encounter in which individuals can engage in whatever free speech they want. It takes place at a house at the far end of the Hauptbahnhof, close to the railway tracks. In this area, reminiscent in its remoteness of “free speech zones” recently established in the US (Guantanamo Camp X-ray, for example), a lecture, performance or event takes place every day at noon, for the 100 days of dOCUMENTA (13).’ info/ calendar
Critical Art Ensemble invites you to sign up to give a presentation, performance or live action event through an open call system

Performance photos Noor Abed
Poster/Flyer photos  Bernard G Mills

Many Thanks to
Critical Art Ensemble, Noor Abed, Bernard G Mills, Jacques Toussaint and everyone who came – despite the deluge!