Act 51 Martin Luther King Day, BISC,Herstmonceux

Act 51 A Homecoming
Martin Luther King Day
21 January 2013
Bader International Study Centre
Herstmonceux Castle 
Hailsham, East Sussex
United Kingdom, BN27 1RN

To mark Martin Luther King Day 2013 Act 51 is being presented with Students as part of the programme of International Development Studies at the Bader International Study Centre, Queens University, Kingston Ontario at Herstmonceux CastleEach student taking part is researching and memorising the Article of their choice in the languages of their indigenous or immigrant Canadian families. As this process develops we’ll add more information here and on Facebook together with the list of Articles, Recitors and Languages.

…considering the current political climate thinking about Syria, Egypt, Israel, Palestine, welfare cuts in the UK, tar sands in Canada, North Korea, Northern Ireland, to name just a few, this event would strive to consider universal human rights and their realizations across the globe, recited by BISC students. Students from all disciplines  will be encouraged to memorize an article in one of their language of origin. There isn’t much that brings together individuals in celebration than struggling to remember words they might have never spoken and bringing to life a text whose meaning is not part of their daily lives. However, through this exercise the meaning of the UDHR will be revealed to be a sort of homecoming, returning to your roots in spoken word, remembering those who struggle daily speaking these languages, experiencing the violation of their human rights…. Barbara Holler, Tutor 

Please feel free to use the forum below to discuss and share your ideas and thoughts, and /or use your own social media networks, blog, tumblr, facebook, twitter etc. There’s also an account of a Recitor learning Article 13 in Armenian, her Grandfather’s language, via Skype on the forum  for Act 31 which you might find interesting to check out.

2 Responses to “ Act 51 Martin Luther King Day, BISC,Herstmonceux ”

  1. Madi Trenholm on 22/01/2013 at 15:02

    Thank you so much to everyone who helped to organize this event! It was really cool to see and I loved taking part in it! Hearing everyone speak in different languages was really interesting and exciting!

  2. Riley Schnurr on 22/01/2013 at 11:24

    I am so excited for this! Such an awesome project to be involved in that will be shared with many many people!! Plus, I get to learn a new language. Sweet!!