Acts 59-60 Human Rights Council, Geneva

Acts 59-60 10-14 June 2013

Pentalum Luminarium
23rd Session of the Human Rights Council
Palais Des Nations
The United Nations in Geneva
Avenue de la Paix 14, Geneva 10

In collaboration with British company Architects of Air, the UK Mission to the United Nations in Geneva  presents  the 59th Act of Anniversary—an act of memory. Architects of Air have  installed a 1000 square meter inflatable Luminarium sculpture in the grounds of the Palais Des Nations, the global centre of Human Rights and the Headquarters of the United Nations in Geneva. This week long Art Installation takes place 10 June-Friday 14th June 2013 and will be filled with activities and events including a live hip hop performance by former child soldier and now international music and Hollywood artist Emmanuel Jal and multilingual audio recordings of why human rights matter to people around the world.  The week’s events will also include the last 2 collective recitals of Anniversary—an act of memory, collective  and multilingual recitations from memory of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Act 59 will be presented by Geneva School children on Wednesday 12th June and culminate with Act 60 at the closing event with members of UN Agencies, Local Dignitaries and civil society groups  on Friday 14th June.

Act 59 will take place in the Pentalum Luminarium on Wednesday 12th June 12.00 pm

Led by Andrew Mitchelson with Children and Staff from  Ecolint -the International School of Geneva For further details please contact Shona Wright, Principal, Middle School, Tél 022 787 2471 /

Founded in 1924, the International School of Geneva (Ecolint) is the oldest and largest international school in the world.Our school is a not-for-profit foundation whose mission is to provide the local and international communities with a high quality international education.

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Please scroll down to see the wonderful list of  co-recitors and their choice of Articles and languages!


Act  59

Preamble Andrew Mitchelson

Article 1 Raisa Fatima, Bengali

Article 2 Cara Burke, English

Article 3 Teun de Wit, Dutch

Article 4 Maxim Mouret, English

Article 5 Imogen Lewis, Gaelic

Article 6 Defne de Groot, Russian

Article 7 Eri Matsumoto, Japanese

Article 8 Margaret Dowell, Portugese

Article 9 Alice Dzodziev, Mandarin

Article 10 Defnede Groot, Turkish

Article 11 Grace Hwang and Sang Hwa Lee, Korean

Article 12 Nour Aboul Kheir, Arabic

Article 13 Defne de Groot and Kate Flanagan, Spanish

Article 14 Grace Hwang, Korean

Article 15  Hiba Ajarti and Rime Sefraoui, Arabic

Article 16 Chloe Sautereau and Margaret McDowell, English

Article 17 Hiba Ajarti and Rime Sefraoui, Arabic

Article 18 Sang Hwa Lee, Korean

Article 19 Kate Flanagan, Gaelic

Article 20 Eri Radwan and Jessica Pownall. French

Article 21 Eri Matsumoto and  Grace Hwang, Japanese

Article 22 Chloe Sautereau, Portuguese

Article 23 Kate Flanagan and Ignacio Menchaca, French

Article 24 Teun de wit, Dutch

Article 25 Ignacio Menchaca, Spanish

Article 26  Cara Burke, Raisa Fatima and Imogen Lewis, English

Article 27 Alma Hagert, Swedish

Article 28 Lily Radwan, French

Article 29 Elizabeth Weber, Ignacio Menchaca and Rime Sefraoui, German

Article 30 Elizabeth Weber, English