Act 50 FEM_2012, Girona

Act 50 11.00am, World Aids Day, Saturday 01 December 2012,
A collective and multi-lingual recitation
Plaça Del VI, Girona, Spain   
FEM_2012, 9th Trobada Internacional de Dones Artistes d’Art d’Accio i Performance
FEM has previously taken place to coincide with International Womens Day, 08 March, but this year it marks
November 25th,The International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

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Please scroll down to see the list of Co-Recitors below. Thanks to everyone who has agreed to take part so far-if you would like to take part please see the links to the versions in different languages below and contact Denys Blacker :

Please also feel free to leave your comments about taking part below


A poster/ fold out copy of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in Catalan and English
can be downloaded here and printed out as either an A1 poster or A3 folded leaflet.


Act 50  11 am, Saturday 01 December 2012

Preamble Monica Ross English
Article 1 Enric Barrull Catalan
Article 2 Leo Bejarano 
Article 3 Anna Colomer Catalan
Article 4 Carme Sais Catalan

Article 4 Anna Grau Catalan
Article 5 Neus Catalan 
Article 6 Xavi Utiel Catalan
Article 7 Ayako Zushi Japanese 
Article 8 Laura Zossich Catalan 
Article 9  Montse Seró Catalan
Article 10 Uma Bunnag English
Article 11 Clara Garriga Catalan
Article 11 Torsten Matzke German
Article 12 Nora Tinholt Dutch
Article 13.1 Clara Gari Catalan
Article 13.2
Article 14.1 Adria Roca Catalan
Article 14.2
Article 15.1 Anca Margina Romanian
Article 15.2
Article 16.1 Esther Roca Catalan
Article 16.2
Article 16.3
Article 17.1 Gora Mora Catalan
Article 17.2
Article 18 Susan Blacker English
Article 19 Anita Ponton English 
Article 20.1 Denys Blacker English
Article 20.2
Article 21.1 Theresa Hupp German
Article 21.2
Article 21.3
Article 22 Luz Garcia Spanish
Article 23.1 Ada Vilaro Catalan
Article 23.2
Article 23.3
Article 23.4
Article 24  Andrea Saemann Swiss German
Article 25.1 Juliette Murphy English
Article 25.2
Article 26.1  Samanatha Barbella Spanish
Article 26.2 Aida Roca Catalan
Article 26.3 Camilla Torrent Catalan
Article 27.1 Melisaa Lopez Spanish
Article 27.2 Ivan Diaz Catalan
Article 28 Nathaly Segura Quechua
Article 29.1 Albert Argence Catalan
Article 29.2
Article 29.3
Article 30 Pau Masramon Catalan


An act of memory performance poster in Catalan has been produced to mark Act 50 in Girona.
It can be downloaded here in A4-Ao sizes

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR) was proclaimed in English, French and Spanish in 1948.
To find the UDHR in Catalan and  387 other languages and formats including Plain English and British Sign Language please follow this link


FEM_ 2012 is an international performance art/live art festival showcasing the work of women produced by Gresol Art, Girona,Spain
Gresol Library and Cultural Studies Centre is a non profit making cultural association founded in 2002 by the visual artists, Denys Blacker and Anet van de Elzen. Gresol  began as a project to create a contemporary art library and archive and to organise events related to live art/performance art. The main aims of the association have been and continue to be; the exchange of knowledge and the promotion of contemporary art practices, in particular those practices related to live art and its creative process‘.