Acts 33 and 32, Lanternhouse, Cumbria 2011

Welcome to the Co-Recitor’s forum for Act 33 and Act 32 which were produced with Lanternhouse in Ulverston, Cumbria 13-16th July 2011.

Act 32: Following two workshops with different members of the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Womens Network, Act 32 took place with 18 members of this inspirational group at Barrow Multi-Cultural Centre on 14.07.11, in Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, Latin, Mapuche, Q’echu, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese.   The Cumbria Multi-Cultural Womens Network has over 150 members who meet regularily in different local venues in Cumbria including Lanternhouse. Photos from the workshop on 14 july can be seen here

Act 33: was a public event and took place on Saturday 16.07.2011 as part of a series on the The Good Life stage, a social sculpture by artists Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman in the Barn at Lanternhouse. For more information please visit Lanternhouse

Many Thanks to all the Recitors, Andrea Hawkins, Claire Benbow, Kat Kelly and all at Lanternhouse, Wendy Rowe and the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Womens Network, Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman

Co-Recitors seated on The Good Life stage by Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman
Above: Marsha Sandy-Holmes, Wai King Jeffcoat, Stuart Jeffcoat, Helen Mcloughlin, Donna Hurford
Below: Nina Borowski, Rosemary Jordal, Elaine Garner, Iain McNicol, Luckshan Abesuriya

Act 33 took place on The Good Life stage by Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman,
Lanternhouse, Ulverston, Cumbria 16.07.2011

Monica Ross and 14 Co-Recitors in English and Cantonese

Article 1 Luckshan Abesuriya, English
Article 1 Donna Hurford, English
Article 1 Helen Mcloughlin, English

Article 3 Iain Mc Nicol, English
Article 3 Wendy Rowe, English
Article 3 Stuart Jeffcoat, English
Article 4 Wendy Rowe, English
Article 5 Elaine Garner, English
Article 6 Marsha Sandy-Holmes, English
Article 15 Andrea Hawkins, English
Article 17 Rosemary Jordal, English
Article 20 Donna Hurford and Helen Mcloughlin, English
Article 23 Greg Truckell, English
Article 24 Wai King Jeffcoat, Cantonese
Article 24 Nathan Borowski, English
Article 26.3 Nina Borowski, English

photos Bernard G Mills

Act 32, Barrow Multi-Cultural Centre, Barrow, Cumbria 14.07.2011

Monica Ross and 18 members of the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Womens Network
in Arabic, Cantonese, English, French, Hindi, Latin, Mapuche, Q’echu, Spanish, Tagalog and Vietnamese

5 Responses to “ Acts 33 and 32, Lanternhouse, Cumbria 2011 ”

  1. wendy rowe on 15/07/2011 at 16:14

    I took part in the two sessions which Monica shared with members of Cumbria Multicultural Women’s Network, and found both sessions genuine and enlightening. The complete recitation on Thursday with Monica and members of the network who spoke in 9 or 10 languages as well as English, was very moving and i felt privileged to be part of it.

    This is such an inspired project that you have set for yourself Monica.
    Many thanks.


    • monica on 15/07/2011 at 23:28

      Dear Wendy,
      thank you for your message. it was a great privilege to be so warmly welcomed into the Cumbria Multi-Cultural Womens Network and to work with you all. Thank you very much for enabling the workshops and recitation to happen and am really glad that you, and maybe one or two other members of the group, might be able to make it to Lanternhouse for the public recitation tomorrow night.
      best wishes

  2. Sol Gray on 13/07/2011 at 14:03

    Hola y Buenos Dias. Mi nombre es Sol, soy de Argentina y hoy por la manana asisti al evento de Monica Ross en Ulverston. Un encuentro motivador y emocionante al recitar y leer los Derechos Humanos. Excelente! Muchas Gracias por ensenarnos nuestros Derechos… de cada ser humano! Sol x

    Hello, Good Morning. My name is Sol I’m from Argentina. This morning I went to Lanternhouse Ulverton for the workshop on Human Rights with Monica Ross. It was emotional and motivational to actually read our Human Rights. Excelent!
    Thank you very much for teaching us our rights…for every human being! Sol x

    • monica on 13/07/2011 at 16:04

      Hi Sol and Kat, it was great to meet everyone in the workshop this morning and thank you to everyone who came from the Cumbrian Womens Network. Below is a list of the languages we looked at and spoke about, and also some of the ones which might come up tomorrow – Kat has just printed out copies in case we don’t have an internet connection for the workshop in Barrow tomorrow morning.

      Wednesday 13 at lantern house
      Mongolian – Khalka
      Spanish – Argentina

      Thursday 14 in Barrow

      the UDHR can be found in all these languages at the un website:
      best for now and looking forward to the workshop tomorrow

      • monica on 13/07/2011 at 17:25

        hi again,
        Wendy just emailed to say that we will also have speakers of Thai and Romania in the workshop tomorrow and Kat just discovered that the UDHR can be downloaded from the un website in Scots Dialect!