Act 43 Redbridge Green Fair,Ilford,Essex

Act 43 took place at 3.00pm on Monday 04 June 2012 at Redbridge Green Fair, Valentine Park, Ilford, Essex 

Many Many thanks to the 20 Co-Recitors who took part – in English British Sign Language, Irish, Kurdish,  Turkish and Zulu ; to IMECE Womens Group, to Olcay Aniker-Lumley, Ros Southern, Stephanie Wood and all the Organisers and Volunteers at The Green Fair who put so much effort and enthusiasm into organising and realising Act 43. Please scroll down to see the photos and the list below of everyone who took part.

Article 1 Carol Aplin, English

Article 1 Mavis Ngema, Zulu

Article 2 Bob Ratnarajah, English

Article 3 Nuala Flynn, English and Irish

Article 4 Sorayya Gul, English

Article 5 IMECE Womens Group, Turkish and Kurdish

Article 6 Lydia Handscomb, British Sign Language

Article 8 Baldev Singh Bains, English

Article 9 Des Kay, English

Article 10 Olcay Aniker-Lumley, English and Turkish

Article 13.2 Carol Hughes, English

Article 15 Annette Fry, English

Article 16 Melvyn Freake, English

Article 17 Debra Marlow, English

Article 19 Paizah Neave, English

Article 21 Ross Hatfull, English

Article 24 Sam Cowan and Sally Marlow, English

Article 26.1 Anne Eggebert, English

 Act 43 Monday 4th June 2012  

Preamble Monica Ross English
Article 1 Carol Aplin English 
Article 1 Mavis Ngema Zulu
Article 2 Bob Ratnarajah English
Article 3
 Nuala Flynn English
Article 3 Nuala Flynn Irish
Article 4 Sorayya Gul English
Article 5
 IMECE Women’s Centre  Turkish
Article 5 IMECE Women’s Centre 
Article 6 Lydia Handscomb British Sign Language
Article 8 Baldev Singh Bains  English

Article 9 Des Kay  English 

Article 10 Olcay Aniker-Lumley 
Article 10 Olcay Aniker-Lumley
Article 13.2 Carol Hughes English
Article 15 Annette Fry English

Article 16 Melvyn Freake English
Article 17 Debra Marlow English
Article 18
Matthew Maple English 

Article 19 Paizah Neave English 

Article 21 Ross Hatfull English 

Article 24
Sam Cowan English 

Article 24 Sally Marlow 

Article 26
Anne Eggebert 

Photographs Bernard G Mills 

IMECE is a woman only community based charity. Its aim is to empower Black, Minority Ethnic and Refugee (BMER) women, particularly Turkish, Kurdish and Turkish Cypriot women and improve the quality of their lives. IMECE Women’s Centre assists women survivors of Violence Against Women and Girls through provision of a wide range of services in a safe secure and women only space. With fourteen paid staff and 9 volunteers, IMECE provides advice and guidance on welfare rights and  income maximisation, domestic violence crises intervention and floating support, counselling, outreach and parenting support for women with children, research, campaign and training for practitioners and BAMER communities.

IMECE is celebrating its 30th anniversary this year.

In 1982, women came together to stand against discrimination based on gender and ethnicity. These women formed a group to provide services to address the needs of Turkish speaking women living in London. Over the years IMECE has become independent, professional and powerful, supporting over five thousand women every year. Today it is a specialist women’s organisation running partnership projects and campaigns with other women’s organisation across Britain and Europe.

IMECE Women’s Centre  2 Newington Green Road  London N1 4RX  Direct line: 0203 227 3582  Mobile0752 870 3199 Website:  Advice line: 020 7354 1359

 The ‘Redbridge Green Fair Association’ is a not for profit community organisation.  Our full constitution is available here. We are not a registered charity and we have no staff. All our activities are run entirely by volunteers. Our objectives are :
(a) To organise a biennial one day event in the London Borough of Redbridge to be called “The Redbridge Green Fair” which will serve to raise public awareness (in line with our mission statement) in a stimulating, entertaining, festive atmosphere.
(b) To organise and/or support such other occasional events which serve a similar purpose. Currently we run our regular Music Club nights and the annual Redbridge Music Fest.
Mission Statement — This is what we are trying to do. 
  • promote environmental responsibility and sustainability on a personal, local, national and international level.
  • recognise the need for justice and peace on a personal, local, national and international level and will raise awareness on these issues in whatever way we can.
  • promote the values of the ‘community’ where all citizens are accepted, respected and can participate free from prejudice and discrimination. We will seek wide community participation in the fair and aim for it to reflect the cultural mix and diversity of the borough
  • raise awareness on personal and public health issues from a holistic viewpoint which will include spiritual, emotional, mental and physical well-being.
  • promote the celebration of artistic and musical creativity. 

             For more information please go to    or contact